About Us

About Us

5 Star Security and Patrols - Leon Choikee5 Star Security and Patrols’ (5SS&P) team has extensive experience in security. We provide security and patrolling services throughout Canberra and NSW.

Our company is 100% Indigenous owned by Leon Choikee.

In  2016, Leon decided that his extensive knowledge, insight and experience within the security industry would be better served by providing his own security services as a business owner. Leon and his team are deeply passionate about providing a quality service to his clients and providing employment opportunities for the community with over 15 years experience in all facets of the security industry including working in front line operations for major Australian security providers, corporate government security and some of the larger Australian banks.

Our Values

Providing 5 star service is the company’s motto. The company has 5 core values that it strives to adhere to, with each value representing a point on a star. The five company values are:

  1. Customer – Delivering value-added services to our customer is what the company strives for.
  2. Integrity – Fostering a trustworthy relationship that our customers can depend on.
  3. Discretion – maintaining confidentiality of our clients is paramount to our values.
  4. Excellence – striving for excellence through continual application of high quality services and investment in the right infrastructure and people.
  5. Responsiveness – ensuring that our services have a response and completion that meets or exceeds our customer’s needs.

Providing the best Security and Patrolling Services